Stencil Monoprinting at Corsham Primary School

This was a fantastic project commissioned by Corsham Primary School.

The brief was to work with the children from each of the 7 year groups to create 7 large scale canvases that would be displayed in the new area of the school.

Based on the theme ‘what does Corsham Primary mean to me’ I worked with the children year by year, and we discussed a long list of all the things they liked about Corsham Primary.
The children then used these ideas to create lots and lots line drawings for me.

I used these drawings to create simple stencils. Some were to be in single colours (like the stars and hand motifs) others were slightly more complex involving several layers of colour to create the final image.

Back in my studio I laid down background colours for each of the canvases, then back in the school I worked with each year group to assist the children in printing their own set of stencils made from their drawings.
We used a technique called ‘Stencil mono printing’ or ‘pochoir’ where repeated printing through different stencils layerd up, creates the final image. Each child in the group tried their hand at inking up and stenciling and the whole process is a great team effort with the children working together to share the work and assist each other.

The results are stunning and the children are very proud of their work.
Its interesting to note that looking through the years you can see some similarities but also progression through the school in both their ideas and their creative ability.

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