Pride in Britain

I recently finished a wonderful project working with  Holland Park primary school in Essex.

The new Head Master, Anthony Welsh wanted a project that the whole school could get involved in, a project to celebrate their Pride in Britain, especially focussing on their school ( a beautiful red brick Victorian building which was used as a hospital during WW1) and the local coastal area, and combining this with research into WW1.

Each year group was given a different area of this topic ranging from poppies, medals, sea life, local buildings, gardening and WW1 imagery & vehicles. The Children pulled together research imagery using the school library, Internet & their on-site drawings/sketches.

The children then reproduced their drawings using blunt pencils to scratch into foam boards thus creating simple printing plates.

Back in my Studio I then worked out compositions for the drawings, printed up the foam plates and created 7 long framed pieces, 1 for each year group/theme.

Here are a few details from those final pieces. As you can see, an amazing amount of detail and character can be captured by this very simple printing technique giving stunning results.

These framed prints now hang proudly around one of the halls in the school.

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