Beginners Lino printing 4th March

Another great workshop last Wednesday.

Totally different styles emerged throughout the morning as each person designed then carved and printed their own Lino printing block.

Each workshop is so different, beginners start from the same place but each person brings their own ideas and ‘handwriting’ to their drawings and also to the way that they ‘carve’ their Lino.

One of my favourite parts of every workshop is seeing each persons face as they peel back the paper and see their work printed for the first time, it’s magical!

Its also a lovely moment for the whole group, I’m often struck by the generosity and encouragement that is shown by the group towards each other, even if they were complete strangers a couple of hours earlier.  The sharing of ideas, offers of help and the genuine delight felt at seeing others successful prints is extremely exciting and the fun is contagious!

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