Block printing made easy

Make your own simple printing blocks and get hand printing your Christmas cards & wrap

This block printing method is so simple and the materials are inexpensive & readily available, (even children can have a go).
Its so quick to do, you can make a selection of themed stamps then print to your hearts content on luggage tags, cards, wrap. You could even print your own Christmas decorations, place cards & table linen.

(a) You will need craft foam, a wooden block, corrugated card, embroidery needle or bodkin, pencil, scalpel or kraft knife, scissors and multi purpose craft glue.

(b,c) Select a simple design and redraw or trace this lightly onto the craft foam.

(d) Add details to the motif using an embroidery needle or sharp pencil. For dots or eye details pierce the foam with the needle and wiggle it. For lines and other details draw the needle across the surface of the foam pressing firmly. Tip: hold the needle/pencil at a 45 degree angle rather than upright so that it doesn’t tear into the surface of the foam. (If you don’t have a needle, you can use a sharp pencil.)

(e) Cut your design out using a scalpel or scissors, glue the motif to a piece of corrugated card.

(e) Roughly draw round the motif on the card (leaving about a 2mm boarder), carefully cut out the foam & card. (The card is used to raise up the printing surface so that the base block doesn’t accidently print if ink gets on it).

(f) Glue the card & foam to the wooden block. Allow to dry fully before printing. (I use Bostik all purpose glue which is fully dry between 5-10 minutes).


Kathy x

p.s. If you catch the printing bug, there is a wealth of easy printing tips to be found on the Internet, many using everyday, household objects!

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