#letterillustrationchallenge – Save the Date

I love how a new challenge can help me look at things in a new way, but recently a lot of sketching / drawing challenges I’ve come across have been one a day and if I’m honest I find that just a little bit scary!

Which I why when I was asked by TzeChing Yeung if I would be interested in co-hosting this weekly challenge on Instagram with herself and Fia Lotta Jansson , I jumped at the chance.

The Challenge starts at 10am 18th October and is open to all ages, all artistic abilities and all mediums. You can use the letter templates that Fia Lotta has drawn for us which you will be able to download or you can create your own letters to use. Use the letter itself to help inspire you or keep it completely random – there are no rules, this is just for fun!


We’d love you to share your alphabet with us by using #letterillustrationchallenge on Instagram each week. We will then share a selection of your work showcasing your creativity. This is a great opportunity to make new Insta friends take part in a fun challenge and hopefully learn something new along the way.

Please do share this and invite family & friends to join in. I can’t wait to see what you create!


A selection of inspirationl images from Pintrest

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